PortalProtect for Intranets

PortalProtect supports Single Signon (SSO) between differing applications on your intranets. And not just SSO in the sense of signing in multiple times with the same credentials, but also allowing your users to sign in once and share the session between multiple backend applications on your intranet.

PortalProtect can offer SPNEGO or NTLM for seamless SSO, reusing your users windows credentials and accessing user and group information from Active Directory.

With PortalProtect, you never need to migrate your users into your security infrastructure's own database - instead, allow your security infrastructure to reuse your existing user repositories and retrieve user information from there.

Use PortalProtect to handle loadbalancing and failover between your applications. PortalProtect will ensure that a user will access the same application server instance for every request while this server is up and running, reducing your need for sharing HTTP sessions between servers in costly databases or session replication setups.

More information about PortalProtect with Intranets

PortalProtect for Intranets is very flexible and supports everything you need to allow employees or partners to login to your site using various authentication methods.

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